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For time:
200 Double unders
100 Jumping jacks
50 Burpees
25 Knees to elbows 
Ten minute squat test in honor of the final Mobility WOD 

CrossFit Bishop Update!!!

Lot’s has been happening in our little community lately and we’re long overdue for an update!!! 

On a personal note, I’ve been running up and down 395 to Mammoth and back, working on the permit process for our potential new CrossFit Bishop location, trying to keep up with all of you down here, training new coaches, and finding some time to hang with the family.  Sean, our baby boy, will be four months old next week and he’s keeping us on our toes for sure! 

CrossFit Bishop has had a lot going on lately.  We’re still bringing in new members at a steady rate and many of our classes have been packed full lately.  I’ve always kept my radar out for a better facility and it looks as though we may be on our way to a much bigger and better facility that will allow us to run less crowded classes, and give quality personal training sessions simultaneously.  We also hope to be able to add more gymnastics equipment, a climbing wall, and who knows what else as time goes on.  We’ve also got a lot of news regarding our coaching staff.  Back in the garage days and when we first moved into our current facility the only coach was yours truly.  We now have Molly, Pablo, Meghan, Krista, Jared, and Cyndee with Level I Certifications and all are involved in coaching at some level.  We have also invited Ian Nielson and Victor Lawson into our apprenticeship program and they will attend the Level I Certification course at the end of this month.  

Molly will be a larger presence at the gym as the year goes on as we have decided that she will not return to work at the hospital, but will instead focus her time and energy on CrossFit Bishop.  She also hopes to operate a private physical therapy practice through the gym by years end??? 

Pablo has progressively taken on a larger role at the gym and the place probably would have fallen to the ground by now if he wasn’t with us day in and day out!  If you hadn’t heard, Pablo recently passed his certification exams to be a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist! 

Meghan is running the CrossFit Kids program one day per week and also working with the local swim team twice per week.  Not to mention her full time teaching position!  I’ve been able to attend all of the swim team workouts and it’s amazing to watch these kids and teens progress through Meghan’s coaching. 

Krista is up to coaching two classes per week now and is preparing to compete in the CrossFit Open.  The girl is no doubt one of the most talented athletes in the Eastern Sierra and I can’t wait to see how things go in The Open.

Jared has jumped into the world of coaching with both feet.  It’s a rare day that goes by without me seeing or at least talking with Jared.  He’s coaching or co-coaching around five classes I think, and has been storming through our apprenticeship program.  He and I have also been working on starting a specific program for local law enforcement starting in April.  I’ve always wanted to be able to help those in law enforcement improve their fitness levels and thanks to Jared, it looks like we might finally have the chance!!!

Cyndee took and passed her Level I Certification over in Santa Clara at Jason Khalipa’s gym and is as committed as ever to learning more about coaching CrossFit.  I’ve been lucky enough to have Cyndee shadow some of my PT sessions and we’ll all be lucky to have her as part of our team as she works through the apprenticeship program.  Don’t forget to check out Cyndee’s posts on her blog.

Ian and Vic have primarily been working with me up in Mammoth, though you may have seen then sweating, swearing, screaming, grunting, and doing a little coaching down here in the gym as well.  Just in the last few weeks Ian relocated to Bishop from Salt Lake City with the dream of pursuing a coaching career with us, and Vic is putting some very serious effort into figuring how to make coaching a viable career as well.  I have to say that it’s been serious fun working with these two jocks in the cold, early morning hours up in Mammoth and in the evenings down here.  These guys will bring a seriously large amount of energy to our community as long as noone gets killed by their enormous amounts of enthusiasm first…

More news coming soon…

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  1. Sarah

    Scotty would be proud! It's so exciting to see where all of your hard work has brought the gym in such a short time. Thanks to all the coaches and athletes for making CF Bishop such a fantastic place to work out, even though I can't come as often as I would like. Major props!

  2. ZzzGlide

    Uhh, so how come the coaching staff never pays a visit to the Tennis Practice people twice a week? We are after all the only athletic demographic that most consistently utilizes the cross-fit fundamentals of hip driving, squating, lunging, running, throwing, jumping, leaping etc in actual competition. Just sayin…

  3. Older Waas Bro

    Great job Jared! Can't wait to come out and WOD with y'all again. But you won't be able to tell me what to do. I'm still older than you!

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