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Squat clean 3-3-3-3-3 then,
Wall balls
Hand release push ups 

Not sure how many of you are aware of The Reebok CrossFit Games, but the season is upon us!!!  If you haven’t heard of The Games click here to get caught up!  So far we have three athletes signed up for the initial qualifying event, “The Open”.  Not surprisingly they are all Kiddoos (Jake, Krista, and Phill) so it would be great to get some other folks signed up to to see where your fitness stands on a worldwide level.  There are Masters events, so all you gray hairs don’t have to compete against the young bucks!  Check out the Games website and sign up for The Open and see what it’s like to participate in The Sport of Fitness!!!  Registration has already begun and I just signed up myself.  I’ll also be acting as a judge and the first workout will be announced on February 22nd.

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  1. Molly

    are we talking about Saturday, Feb 25th? That morning is the winter race series run that we will need to attend…. is later in the day OK? The WOD that day is the run. CF athletes do not need to pay an entrance fee… as Colin and I will be taking care of that. SO COME ONE AND COME ALL… prepare yourselves for the option of a 5K or 10K that day…

  2. vicles

    I'll be getting my Level 1 that day! Hey, since i'm missing the run, can you pay for my Level 1 instead? That'd be great, thanks. 😉

  3. phill

    How about Friday the 24th for the Games Open WOD#1?
    At 0545 Krista will be at the gym since she's scheduled to coach, I'll be there and Jake can make it.
    With multiple classes on Friday there's quite a few time options for those still contemplating signing up. Great to see you registered Colin.
    CrossFit Bishop will represent!

  4. Molly

    Colin is in Mammoth Friday mornings…. and he is a judge. Anytime Saturday, other than the run time (8-noonish) will work. Maybe early before the run, if you want to get it over with?

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