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Squat snatch 3-3-3 then,
Ten rounds for quality and intensity of:
One power snatch, one overhead squat, one hang squat snatch 
One minute rest between rounds 

To catch you all up with more good energy entering our community…

Diane finished up her 15 sessions a few weeks ago and has started in on classes. Diane is a climber and skier and has come to CrossFit to round out her fitness and strength. She is full of great energy and will be yet another positive addition to our CrossFit family.


Philip Johnson was able to move through our curriculum in 10 sessions having some previous knowledge about CrossFit and of the movements. His focus and determination, body awareness and strength from climbing, and history in sport, have given him a great base for picking up what we do here quickly.

Angie and Trisha finished up with Fight Gone Bad just the other morning. Angie’s changes over their training sessions are noticeable in her confidence in movement and in the energy emanating from her. She has been running and training for ½ marathons and just recently PR’d one. Immediately following, she set a new goal to drop her mile time to under 11 minutes for her next race. Trisha came to CrossFit already with a strong fitness ethic and passion for movement. Her enthusiasm is as infectious as her drive, exemplified in her additional warm up of running to and from our 6 am sessions. 

Make sure to hand out some high fives and hellos when you see these new athletes!

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