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Make up day!!!

As many of you know Reebok and CrossFit have become partners.  The popularity of the CrossFit Games have exploded partially due to the sponsorship by Reebok, and you may have even seen sponsored CrossFitters not only on ESPN but  on regularly programmed TV advertisements !!!  The growth that CrossFit has seen over the past few years is absolutely astonishing.  Some see the growth and partnership as a negative thing and others see it as a wonderful opportunity.  Of course there are good and bad things that occur as a community or business grows, but overall I think the spread of CrossFit is completely freaking awesome!!!  One of the things that Reebok is now offering is a program where affiliates place a link on their sites (the one you see on the right side of this page) to the CrossFit Reebok online store and that affiliate receives a percentage of each sale.  So, if you’d like to help support CrossFit Bishop and you need some new athletic apparel, just click on the link, make your purchase and know that you’re helping support your local gym, CrossFit Bishop!!!  Pretty cool I think.  What do all of you think about the Reebok/CrossFit partnership???

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  1. Jake

    Thanks Colin for coaching Friday night. Recieved great squat snatch practice and achieved a PR. It was awesome to have you and Cyndee coaching us along. Crossfit games are next week! So excited lets! go let's go! Let's go!

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