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Let’s give a big welcome from the world of Crossfit Bishop to Amanda Lyons! She has successfully completed the personal training sessions and is ready to kick some butt in the group classes. Amanda had been given a taste for the awesome benefits that Crossfit brings, as her husband Will continues to show great improvement and strength. Amanda will definitely be right there with her strength, determination, skills, and commitment. We will be seeing her show great leaps and bounds as she continues on the path of fitness! I had a great time teaching and coaching Amanda. Woohoo, you go girl!


For Quality:

3×5 back squat at 70% 1rm

Rest Interval = 3min.



5 rounds:

Max Rep BodyWeight Bench Press (scale options, see below)

Max Rep Pullups (strict suggested, see below)

(Immediately follow press w/ pullups.)

Rest Interval = 4-5min.


Ok, a few things to mention here…

Time Management: This will take the whole hour. Don’t be late, warm up efficiently and start your back squat “workup” asap.

Back Squat: These should be Low Bar! Once again, please read this: High Bar VS Low Bar. Focus on proper form and hip drive.  Share racks, and watch and cue your lifting partners!  Don’t be afraid, we all could use improvement, and helpful feedback only helps!

Bench Press: Scaling will be necessary for many.  To get the most out of this workout, you’ll want to scale so that you can hit at least 5 reps during your first work set, so that as you fatigue, you’ll have a chance at keeping reps above 3 all the way ’till the end! So, if your goal is pure “strength,” that’s the strategy you should use. If you feel you could benefit more from some “Strength Endurance,” try using 50% of your 1RM instead, and grind away.

Pullups: When you kip, your lack of O2 often plays a huge role in one’s dropping off the bar. When you do strict pullups, your failure is only due to pure muscular fatigue, which is what we want from this WOD. We’ve been doing lots of hard breathing this week, so it’s suggested that you do them strict.  Again, do your pullups strict for “Strength” and kipping for “CV/Power Endurance.”

Rest Intervals: Take them. I could talk about ATP regeneration, and phosphate stores, but I’ll just say; time yer rests and take them. Partner up and rest while partner(s) goes.

Coaches: Please play “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat so it feels just like High School Gym Class again.  Thanks.

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  1. molly

    It's amazing how taxing strict pullups are for me. I have to do some serious pressure breathing to psych myself up before grabbing the bar to start my reps… love em and hate em.

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