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(Power) Clean and Jerk:

10x DeadLift (@ 115% Bodyweight)
24x BoxJump (@ 24″/20″)

3 Rounds For Time.

Extra Credit:
Accumulate 200 seconds in a Handstand Hold (strive for lowest # of rests possible)

9 Responses

  1. Vicles

    People seem to not like my ramblings, so I will just succinctly point out that strength to weight ratio will come into play here in a serious way. Big guys (and gals) will get crushed. Enjoy!

  2. ZzzGlide

    Hey man, keep on with the Ramblings! Intellectual insights into the physiology/psychology/ideology and technicallity of the sport never hurt nobody! If an athlete can suffer through an hour of physical discomfort then 2 minutes of reading per day shouldn't be a problem; Godzilla forbid that an athlete should have to actually "read" something concerning his or her health! Ohhh gawd, don't make me read anything, please, just tell me what to do but don't make me think!!!

  3. molly

    Vic, I completely agree with Glidewell. Reading your posts have allowed me to go into my workouts with a more goal oriented and focused attitude. Maybe we could just post the workout at the top for the "i just want to know what we are doing today" and for those of us who like to read further can continue on…. there will always be resistance to change… stick with it!

  4. Kneip

    I like the insight etc etc BUT many of us cut/paste the WOD's into our Iphone apps and some even use the RSS feed to auto-populate the workout into their logs. We use the app log our PR's and improvements etc. So when cutting pasting the entire long "rambling" it can be difficult to see what exactly went on that day. So that being said I think short and sweet on the main page and many many details in the comment section works best. (from my standpoint). Or like Molly suggested, a cliff notes description, then an explanation.

  5. Vicles

    Whoa! I had no idea about all the techno action and RSS Feeds. Feeding to me has always meant stuffing my face! I will deff. keep all that in mind in the future. Thanks, Jeff

  6. phill

    Sometimes at 3:50am it's nice to get info quick through the mostly closed eyes before turning on the coffee maker otherwise it's back to bed zzzzzzzz…..

  7. Pam

    I don't know what Jeff said, although it sounds really smart. But I am diggin the programming and the descriptions. I don't mind clicking the comments button if necessary for further insight. Nice work Vic.

    Jeff, I just got myself a shiny new iPhone…I think you need to give me some lessons and app advice.

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