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3 attempts to hit a 1RM Clean and Jerk


1x Power Snatch +

1x Hang Power Snatch +

1x OHS

on the minute for 10 minutes

Then, grab a partner:


 Burpies +

“Rest” in Plank.

(Partner A does 10 burpies while partner B “rests” in Plank for duration. Switch.  Then repeat with 9 Burpies each, then 8 each and so on…) 

2 Responses

  1. vicles

    If you have a wonky snatch…then do not attempt to do this "on the minute triplet" at any significant load!! You'd be better served by working technique for the ten minutes…OR Doing overhead squats…Talk to yer coach!

    If you ARE doing the triplet, then pick a manageable load that you can demonstrate good form with. If you are struggling and wobbling, you will not get adequate rest between sets (not to mention, mess with your muscle memory!) Be conservative. The snatch portion is designed to be technical/speed practice…you received your "loading" during your heavy C&J…

    Second to last day in the old gym!!!! See you tomorrow…

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