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Back Squat: 5-4-3-2-1

Bench Press: 5-4-3-2-1

Then, right after your last set of each:

Max Reps at 50% of your heaviest load.


20 Frog Hops

10 Pendlay Rows

3 Rounds for Quality and Intensity 


Extra Credit:

Work on Double Unders. If you have them already, help others with tips and tricks and magical secrets…or find out your max reps in a minute…)

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  1. Editor

    Sorry this took so long to post. My internet is sketchy at best, and it decided to completely disappear tonight for awhile. For those of you who thought you knew what today was going to be…sorry! Changed my mind! A bit too much of the same…

    So, this is obviously a strength workout…with some twists. The mega backoff sets will be interesting and the rows w/ a oxygen deficit will be interesting as well. It is important that you stay as STRICT AS POSSIBLE during your high rep sets! You will be stacking volume on top of fatigue and will need to pay attention to your stability! VALSALVA! HEELS! etc etc. WHile doing the rows, MAINTAIN your lumbar curve, put hella tension in your hamstrings, BREATH and fight the sag.

    You should warm up and "work up" to your work sets which begin w/ 5. Rest only about the time it takes to change plates (and let your partner go if you have one) during this portion. Once you hit your set of 5, begin taking more significant rests eventually reaching 3 minutes or so for the last couple. Your goal is to hit a HEAVY single, which is different than a 1RM in that you should be able to repeat your performance for multiple singles at this load, whereas a 1RM might be unrepeatable that day.

    After your final heavy lifts, drop the weight on the bar by (at least) half. Zone out, go for broke, and as your brain and body begin to panic, close your eyes and let the good lord guide you into the light…

    Click on the embedded links to see an example of the P. Row. Be strict on these. They really sneak up on you so pick a manageable weight!

    FROG HOPS: These are a quarter depth squat to an explosive and aggressive vertical leap. Your momentum as you descend will push you into another quarter depth squat and then JUMP! on and on and on…

  2. Jake

    A variety is needed for people who workout every day or close to it. Squats and squats and more squats. I am dreaming of squats in my freaking sleep!

  3. Vicles

    hahah, sounds like lovely dreams to me! 😉 Jake, do deadlifts instead!

    Stacking thrusters yesterday on top of all the wallballs from monday was probably kinda lame of me, true. but if you split them w/ yer partner, it was "only" 30…right?

    For the curious I present, My Thought Process:
    First I try and define a goal of the workout. Mainly it's strength vs endurance vs power/speed and I go from there. Then I look at the specifics, and try to stack well on the days before, while not screwing up my future plans for the week.

    When was the last time we loaded our Posterior Chain in a significant way? on Friday 4/20 we did some RDLs as an assistance afterthought, Wed 4/18 was high volume, moderate load DLs and Friday 4/13 we back squatted a 3×5 @70% Which I would call med. volume, med. intensity. It was my feeling that our P Chain has generally been feeling left out of the party!

    As far as squatting a lot…well, It IS Crossfit's #1 core foundational movement, right? I'll admit, my wods are a bit squat heavy. It's probably because that's what I'm focusing on personally at the moment…I'll try and think like a runner/gymnast/MMA fighter/and ninja too in the future! 😉

    Anyway, My thinking was that working up to heavy single back squats are much different than med/lightweight thrusters/pistols. Originally I had planned on doing "KING KONG" but since that involved Muscleups and HSPU the feedback I got from other coaches last night was that such a wod didn't let people shoulders recover adequately from all the pushing and pulling and muscleups of late. I agreed. (Not to mention the heavy front squatting via the clean…which we have been doing lots of lately).

    So I went with "STRENGTH/STRENGTH ENDURANCE" as my workout goal…Loaded the P-Chain in one of the two most effective ways possible (the other being the DL…which, in hidsight, might have been better for today.) In any good strength workout you do have a squat. You also have a PUSH (so I added the bench, less shouldery than overhead) and a PULL (the Pendlay Row, which also has the advantage of forcing one to hold hamstring tension and lumbar curve, further involving the P Chain).

    This is a solid workout, and one that I would do myself. That's the final piece: Would I want to do it? IF the answer is yes, then I click publish. In all honesty I would have done about 15 minutes of OLY work before the squats, and then perhaps a conditioning segment after via the Rower or Airdyne. I often budget 1.5 + hours for my own strength wods, and wish I could do the same sometimes for some of the more adapted individuals who could handle the volume.

    Lastly: Jake! Thanks for the critisism. I dont mean to get defensive..I appreciate your thoughts. I'm just throwing out my process and thoughts in hopes that I can learn even more! Writing these workouts EVERY night, often after 10pm, is a lot harder than I thought it would be (especially since we are missing half of our equipment!) To be completely frank, at a certain point in an intermediate or advanced athlete's training career, training must begin to be specified to them…And you are plenty experienced enough to tweak the program to your needs. No-one would tell you not to sub DLs today…or do weighted pullups instead of rows, or to skip the frog hops and do double unders, or 250m rows or whatever.

  4. ZzzGlide

    I think the squats are essential! They've been embedded into a variety of workouts where they comprise only one segment of the total workout and we haven't had a "Squat" specific workout in…who knows. Personally, I like the spectrum of movements that Vic has been programming because it helps us hit multiple muscle groups and exercise specific techniques in a consistant fashion so that we can make some progress. For example, if you're not squating at least twice a week you can forget about a strong squat. If you're not doing something like a DL at least twice a week, you can forget about that too. And on it goes with pull-ups, sit ups, push-ups, running, bench press and all of the Oly lifts etc. If you don't do them at least twice a week, no gains. This is my perspective anyway, borrowed largely from sports specific experiences. If you don't practice every part of your repertoire over and over again every week, you usually get whipped on game day by someone who did practice. What do you think? Does that gel with the 'Routine Never Varied Ever' philo?

  5. Vicles

    I always feel a bit funny wearing that shirt…because a linear progression in anything, not just strength, requires a routine to progress most efficiently. (a Mon/Wed/Fri 5×5 in the basic lifts, upping your load every training day is the classic example…)

    That said, Crossfit is GREAT in that it sorta gets around the "Everything Costs Something" conundrum in that it sorta pushes every biomotor ability up at once, albeit slowly. If you sprinkle enough shit on the pizza, soon you'll have a pizza w/ everything…right? So yea, constantly varied…but is that the most efficient way to attack a weakness?

    EVERYone has weaknesses…and I can almost Guarantee that everyone's # 1 weakness is either Strength, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, or Mobility. I know little about Mobility, so It's a weakness of mine for sure, and I have never worked on it too hard…I am naturally proficient at CR End. and have never really had to "work" on it or train it too hard either…So then there is strength. I know lots about this because, well, that's where my self education has been focused over the last year…because it is my GREATest weakness! So I'll be the first to admit that I have a strength bias when I write workouts…prolly because 1) everyone could be stronger…it's very useful! and 2) It's on my mind! haha.

    I would add that Barbell movements are the most technically demanding movements outside of the rings and paralettes…and the more one works on them, the better!

    What I did today:
    20min row @ easy pace
    10/8/6/4 Headcutters w/ 35/44/53/70 lb KBs

    1x Power Clean
    1x Hang Power Clean
    on the minute for 8 minutes @125#

    3×10 Lunges in the split jerk position w/ 175# on back

    3×3 Press @85#
    3×3 Front Squat @ 135#

    5×10 Deadlift @175# + TGU @35#

    This is an example of a Light/De-loading/Recovery Strength day w/ Technical Practice thrown in too.
    I plan to PR my Front Squat/Press double on Friday, and maybe my DL as well. This was aimed to help that goal.

    No breathing work at all this week. Is my CV enduro suffering all this strength emphasis? Hell yes. Helen would absolutely kill me right now. But strength is a persistent adaptation and in a few weeks I will be working my power/speed and then finally my CV Enduro while maintaining my strength gains made over the last couple of months. I hope it works!

    I dont want anyone to "lose" in one area, in order to make gains in another area, unless A) they WANT to, or B) it's the point of the cycle and was specifically communicated as such. I'll def try hard to be more varied in the future!

    for those who wanna know:
    Thurs Will be a weird met con of some sort
    Fri Will be Power/Speed
    Sat Will be a "Girl" WOD and our last wod in the old gym!!!
    Sunday Will be a track/field day
    Monday will be a REST DAY (more details on this later)
    Tuesday will be our FIRST wod in the new gym…expect something fucking cool.

  6. Sarah

    Hey, I did this one yesterday…hit 145/155/165/175/185 for the squats, then managed 23 at 95. Maybe I could have done a couple more but I didn't want my form to start suffering any more than it already was. Then did BP 95/105/115/125/135, with 23 at 70#. The first ten or so BP at light weight felt so easy I thought I would end up doing 30 or more, but fatigue set in before I realized it would! Didn't have time for the frog jumps but I think they would have been murder on my legs which have mostly seen cardio lately and not much weights. Fun workout!

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