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10 minutes handstand walking practice
Every time you fall perform 5 pistols each side and 10 hollow rocks 
Wall runs are a great subsititution for handstand walks and you can use your feet on a bench if being completely inverted is too much.  We have several scaling options for the pistols and it’s up to you how hard you want to work on the hollow rocks. 


Katy Reynolds completed her personal training yesterday and will join us for her first group class at 9am Thursday! Amy Zappia came to sweat it out with Katy during “Fight Gone Bad.” Katy is a quick learner and has great movement! So make sure to introduce yourselves! Psyched you are part of the team, Katy!


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  1. ZzzGlide

    Glide's Bar Complex
    50 OVHS
    50 Press
    50 Power Cleans
    5-5-5-5-5 Dips
    5-5-5-5-5 Strict Pull Ups
    Chocolate Power Shake followed by a Pow Pow Power Nap

  2. Sarah

    CrossFit partner workout:

    16 min, one partner rows for distance in 1min while other partner completes their choice of squats, pullups, pushups, situps (mix as desired, as long as you do two of these each minute while your partner is on the rower). I got 1763m, 60 situps, 49 pushups, 26 pullups, and 80 squats. Shauna didn't count but worked super hard:)

    We set the rower to go for 1 min on/15 sec off to give us time to switch out quickly.

  3. arnie kiddoo

    Four grand kids at kids cross fit bishop tonight . I totally was stoked. I can't wait to watch three of my kids compete in the cross fit games Fri or Sat. Should be a real knock down, take no prisoners,is that all you have,kind of competition. Good luck to all.!!!!!

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