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Row 500 meters
12 Bodyweight deadlifts
21 Box jumps, 24/20″
Three rounds for time! 

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  1. ZzzGlide

    The Z-Glide will be throwing down tonight at 5:30 (or throwing up?). Had my goat, crushed it with a kettle bell, now I'm ready to crush YOU baby!!!!

  2. arnie kiddoo

    yah! Keith–who's your daddy!! You better have your game on.!! Nels is lurking . He's talking to Lance 's training team. You never know ???? Phill said his time is 10:22, and Dry Heaving when all was done.

  3. ZzzGlide

    Hats off to Phil and Jeremy, they crushed it! Tried to drop the hammer on those sissies but I couldn't keep up! Strong like bull! Although, I think Jeremy cheated as he had the new air/mister machine right at his back for the whole workout; his temp never reached above 84 degrees I'm sayin!

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