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Back Squats and Burpie Pullups

Strive to make each set of squats unbroken! Choose a managable weight, between 30%-40% 1RM for most. (More info in comments)

Rest as needed between sets.  Full ROM required!

HIGH BAR BACK SQUAT vs LOW BAR BACK SQUAT.  Read this…it will help you decide which position to use.


PS: Philip will be offering another Olympic Lifting class tonight! Come one, come all, for coaching and drills Tuesday nights at 6:30!

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  1. Editor

    Wondering what weight to use?
    My 1RM back squat is 270 (dont laugh!) I would do this at 95#

    The larger your 1RM, the better it is to err on the side of a lower percentage and vice versa.

    Also, females have a lower neuromuscular efficiency than males, and can do volume work (reps) at a higher percentage of their maxes. This is because their 1RM is not as efficient in demonstrating their true absolute strength as it is for men. It's true. So, ladies, if you have a solid back squat, push up that number a wee tiny bit…you might surprise yourself.

    30-20-10 is a LOT of volume! Be conservative and strive to hit each rep perfectly, and keep each set unbroken. The goal is QUALITY, not high loads.

  2. Philip Thornburgh

    If you want to get your Olympic Lift ON tomorrow at 630 PM is the time to be there I will be there Coaching whoever wants to get it on!

  3. Molly

    That was hard, Vic, very hard! Especially taxing after only being able to fit in 10 or so 6 mile runs over the past 6 weeks in Seattle… power output required digging deep deep deep.

  4. vicles

    hahaha…nice. No matter what the load ends up being, it's still a grinder! Maybe next time we make it 30-20-10 overhead squats and perfect pushups…..

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