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Been slacking on getting photos up lately!!!  Here’s a little catch up…

Top left are Molly’s crazy 4:30 am ladies who graduated from personal training a little over a week ago.  We’ve started a new 4:45 am class to suit all you crazy early, early risers now that we have enough folks to make it go.
Top right is Jake Kiddo finishing up the June Lake Triathlon.  Several members from CrossFit Bishop and Mammoth CrossFit threw themselves at this race and represented us quite well!!!  Great job triathletes!
Bottom left are the “fire guys” that Vic has been training as a small group for over a month now.  Good things have been happening with these guys as they know how to work hard and smart!
Bottom right is Jami Bell Cleland who brought a new baby girl, Aurora Lee, into the world on July 19th.

More photos to come… 

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  1. Vicles

    Inyo Hero Project Group 1, SALUTE! You guys rule. Thanks for working hard and trusting me! These guys have done a few trainings w/ the Fire Dept. since we've started in the gym, and they have informed me that they are using LESS oxygen to do the same amount of work (they were masked and hooked up to an oxygen bottle)! Awesome. Let's hear it for more efficient use of O2!

    My goal w/ these guys is to increase work tolerance and capacity, while increasing efficiency at using O2. These guys need to CARRY THEIR ENGINES, so getting them "bigger" is not better in their case. "stonger" however, is a must. Most sessions involve strength work (low volume/high intensity) under a barbell, and then some serious breathing work, or enduro sufferfests/odd implement "strongman" stuff.

    They need "performance on demand" as emergencies strike at any time, and can mean almost anything (physically.)

    Lastly, for a firefighter, the ability to control the mind is paramount…and so we play on the razor's edge of "quitting" and "persevering" often.

    I AM LOOKING FOR MORE INYO HEROS! If you know of anyone who wants to train w/ me by themselves or in small groups, I offer a HEFTY discount to all Military, Fire, Search and Rescue, First Responder and Law Enforcement personnel! 760-920-0654


  2. katiekiddoo

    I Iove these new pictures and congradulations to members and new what a growing Crossfit we have in the High Sierras. I also like the new Broadwater picture on the Home page. Those early morning girls are an inspiration. Jamie, you are also an inspriating to many. It must feel wonderful to be strong while giving birth. I can't wait to hear how it went. Kt

  3. ZzzGlide

    What's the workout? I like to know whether I or not I should stress out and fumble around the office with a constipated expression on my face prior to hard workouts!

  4. Jake

    CrossFit has the potential to change the popular cultural perception of what exercise actually means over the next decade, and I will watch with delight as selectorized leg machines are melted down into more useful items like re-bar and manhole covers. by Rippetoe…….Thanks Molly!

  5. Vicles

    good find Jake…Rip rips on CF nowadays though. Nice to catch him in a contradiction.

    Yea, right? Kevin looks like a yoked out beefcake. Fire guys get free HGH from the city.

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