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After each “rung” of manmakers perform 30 double unders or 100 singles 

Our manmaker will consist of one push-up, two rows, and finish with a push press, rather than a full squat to push press.  

The Novice Effect

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  1. arnie kiddoo

    events in mammoth comming up.

    aug. 5th Footloose 10k & 5k run

    aug.11th ML Challenge Triathlon

    aug 12th Quake & Shake 10k & Half- Marathon run

    aug 19th George's Triathlon

    aug 25th Mammoth Mud Run 5k etc.

    Sept. 2nd Mammoth Rock Race 10k Trail run.

    Sept. 8th High Sierra Fall Century Bike Ride 100mi & 50 miles. etc.

    Sept 9th Tioga Pass Run 12.4 Miles "one hill"

  2. Jared

    Well had my first back east workout at Crossfit Paragon in Georgia today. Represented CFB with pride and posted the second fastest time for the WOD during the class.

    30 GHD Situps
    30 DL 225 lb
    30 Double Unders
    30 OHS 95 lb
    30 Pullups

    Rx'd it 11:24

  3. Pablo

    Thanks for posting the article, Colin. Some good stuff about monopolizing on the window of opportunity to create a foundation of strength to help facilitate progressing safely and pursuing athletic goals. I also like the idea of appropriate levels of applied stress to maintain adaption and the health benefits that go with this. Seems easy enough: continue challenging your body with effective, safe means, eat probably more than you think is enough of good foods, and recover. For me, it is this pursuit of the effective means, one that keeps me engaged, developing, and produces the most health benefits, one that keeps me feeling alive and powerful in my body, one that touches the fundamental "something" that is the human spirit which lives in all of us, that provides an empowering and enlivening journey.

  4. molly

    Arnie! Thanks for posting the events…. feeling like the Tioga Pass run is gonna happen! Who's with me? Did it a couple years ago and had a lot of fun. Also planning on the City to Sea 1/2 Marathon in San Luis Obispo in October…. not sure why I am back to my running stuff, but it sounds fun so I am gonna go with it.

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