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Alright, alright!!!  Fresh back from a vacation and ready to see a bunch of sore, limp, useless bodies dragging in after the last few days!  While all of you have been busting ass, I’ve been out eating lots of awesome food and hanging on some northern California beachfronts!!!  Plenty of time to relax and think of new ways to make all of us better, faster, and stronger!  But first, let’s take a little rest after the madness of the last three days.  If you’ve made it in for two or three of the last three days and hit it hard your hour with us will be:
25 minutes rowing at a conversational pace 

If you’ve only made it in only once this week, make up either: 
Christine, Cindy, or Fight Gone Bad…

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  1. arnie kiddoo

    christine–cindy–Fight Gone Bad–Burn, Aches-Cramps-Nausea-Blisters-and for some of us its all before 6:30 am. What more could a person want or need? Only at your local " x-fit gym" You even get a real cool coach to help you feel this way. You gotta love it!!!! Thanks Paul you know how to bring it.

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