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Turkish get-up

Five rounds:
Bodyweight back squat, 5 reps
10 Burpees
Rest one minute between rounds 

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  1. ZzzGlide

    A nutrition bedtime story for people. I started taking fish oils (cod liver oil) about six months ago on a daily basis and noticed that my soreness went way down and my recover time was much shorter in duration. Major difference. I ran out of my favorite orange flavored cod liver oil about three weeks ago and, because I"m easily distracted and barely conscience on most days, I forgot to buy more and I stopped taking it. Result? Massive soreness from last week's workouts, very tired, a little moody and so forth…even after the previous week's easy pace! My conclusion: TAKE YER FISH OILS!

  2. vicles

    No doubt that fish oil (or lack of) is a factor…but perhaps the recent spike in movement volume etc has something huge to do w/ your soreness as well.

    "DOMS occurs as a result of doing something that the structures aren’t adapted to. This could include a significant change in volume and intensity, or it could occur from performing a "new" movement using structures through a different range of motion (ROM). For example, a CrossFitter would experience higher levels of soreness if they started squatting 3×5 at heavier weights than they handle in their met-cons. Conversely, a lifter would experience high levels of soreness if they tried a high repetition CrossFit met-con after being adapted to low repetition lifting." J. Lascek

    The change from a pretty steady Wendler w/ recovery days, to 3x CF benchmark workouts in a row, etc etc could be more "to blame" for your sudden changes. The lack of fish oil perhaps compounded it though for sure.

    just thinkin out loud.


  3. arnie kiddoo

    Hi —Z-Glide. Maby this idea might help your sore body, besides fish oils.Eat lots of raw meat and sleep naked out in the snow. "ta- dah" no more soreness.

  4. ZzzGlide

    Arnie and Vic, awesome insights! I think I definitely need to start sleeping naked in the snow…that was actually my first guess in how to prevent soreness but I wasn't sure… 🙂

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