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Power snatch, 1 rep
Hang power snatch, 1 rep
Overhead squat, 1 rep
Max calorie row in one minute
Rest as needed
3 Rounds 

Bill Walton stopped by the gym for a shower after a 100 mile tour of the Eastern Sierra.  He spent the week here and had a tour of the region with some of the Velo club members. 

And though he may not be the 6’11” miracle making basketball star that Walton was, Vic can program some pretty seriously debilitating workouts.  Naya had to bring both Vic and Jeremy back to life with some cold water after kettlebell snatches, back squats, bench press, prowler pushes, and wheelbarow walks!!!

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  1. molly

    Ok. I am officially signed up for the Tioga Pass Run. Shit. This run is HARD. It is 12.4 miles uphill. WHO'S WITH ME??????????? I am also signed up for the City to Sea 1/2 Marathon in San Luis Obispo on Oct. 14th. Shit, again. Wine tasting afterward???

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