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Front squat 3 rep max
Press 5-5-5

Three rounds for quality and intensity,
Row 250 meters
10 Pull-ups
20 Walking lunges with plate overhead


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  1. molly

    talked with Colin after the classes and there are a couple things with the press that I was teaching the "old" way and Colin has been implementing what he has learned from Rippetoe with some of you. The stance is no longer hip width…. it should be shoulder width and there is a certain grip technique (that Glide brought up) that Colin was teaching to help keep the wrist in a neutral position… so he will help you all with that along the way. Hopefully we will get all the coaches together in the near future so there is consistency amongst our technique! Regardless, GREAT JOB today everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone today..

  2. ZzzGlide

    Thanks Molly! You were very helpful with pointing out little details (tight shoulder test) and techniques. Good to have you back in action!!!

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