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Happy New Year!!!

See you back in the gym tomorrow…

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  1. ZzzGlide

    2012 Bishop Crossfit Reflections

    -The new gym is super cool and big, but yikes does it fill up fast!
    -Weight lifting shoes are the bomb diggidy!
    -Air squats and rowing: rainbows and chocolates. Handstands and pull ups: Not so much
    -Power smoothies 20 min before going to Crossfit makes all the difference.
    -Going to workouts hungry means: extra soreness and less muscle gains.
    – A strictly strength training program is cool!
    -It helps to run at least twice a week in the mountains.
    -Eating enough good food is harder than the workouts!
    -Stretching for 10 minutes before every workout feels really good and gives you better range of motion and no injuries!
    -Skin the Cats make me want to puke!
    -Logging more than 1 hour in the gym on any given work day just isn't going to happen (extended night owl hours anyone?)
    -Its been awhile since I've had a flapper!
    -Losing your foot/leg grip at the tippy top of the rope climb is not a very good idea!
    -Thank you to Colin and Molly for putting together such a nice gym and keeping it flying!
    -Our coaches are all cool cats.

    Any other reflections out there?

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