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Morning classes only for Friday.  After the 6:45 class the gym will be on lock down until the 8 am class Saturday morning.  

No Sunday class this week.

Then Monday we will run the 4:45, 5:45, 6:45 am classes along with the 7:45-9 open gym, but no 9:00 am and no afternoon classes.

Wish me, Molly, Vic, Nils, and Jordan luck on this thing!  We’ll be back and ready to unleash all our new knowledge and skills on all of you Tuesday!!!

Work up to a 1 rep max clean and jerk then,

Repeat this sweet ass workout from December!!!

5 Rounds for quality and intensity of:

5 Hang power cleans
Row 250 meters

15 Lateral hops 
Rest one minute between rounds 
Execute the hang power cleans with impeccable form and the lateral hops are over the slide of the rower.  If possible bounce for all 15 reps with no pausing or “double hop”…  


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  1. Colin

    For those of you who don't recognize the fellow with the revolvers, that is Mark Rippetoe who runs the Starting Strength Seminar that we are attending this weekend. Should be a good time…

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