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Fit some rope climbs into the warm up, then five sets of heavy one’s, two’s, or three’s of Behind the Neck Jerk


Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans
6 Toes to Bar (save your shoulders by scaling to sit-ups?)
9 Air squats
Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 3 cycles.  
So it’s an 11min Workout

Local mountain guide and CFB athlete, Kurt Wedberg, was nice enough to share some photo’s from his recent ice climbing adventure in Yosemite Valley.  The route is called “Widow’s Tears”

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  1. ZzzGlide

    Cool pics, so many questions tho::
    Why is the ice yellow?
    Are chains required?
    Do ice climbers have a protective transparent eye membrane that closes before they strike the ice?
    Are there restrooms along the route?
    If you piss your pants will you stick to the ice?
    Do lizards also turn white during the winter?
    Are cats very good at ice climbing?
    Just the basics…

  2. The climb was 8 pitches of pure bliss! Conditions were about as perfect as we could have asked for. That recent cold snap formed this route perfectly then the temperature warmed to the mid 20s on that day making the ice sticky and not too brittle. Here's a link to our blog that has a little write up with some more pictures:

    Zzz… some cats can and some can't. Lets take your cat out and see what he's got!!

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