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Make up day


For Time or Recovery:

2 rounds of:

25 High step ups
25 Kettelbell Swings
25 Walking Lunges
25 Ring Rows
25 Knees to Chest
25 Push press
25 Hip Extensions
25 Wallballs
25 Push ups
Run 400

There has been a lot of bodyweight movement going down in the last week. Take some time to care for your shoulders. You may be feeling your elbows from tight shoulders, triceps, and bi-ceps from all this pushing and pulling. Watch the following mobility videos, test yourself to see where you are at with your mobility, and try out some of the techniques to get your shoulders and elbows into a good position and get some of that junk straightened out. Be proactive. Ask the coaches for other ways to address whatever is going on in there.

Shoulders/Mobility WOD

Elbows/Mobility WOD

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  1. katie kiddoo

    Right on Arnie…and along thoses lines: There are 3 things in my life that has caused me unhappiness and heartache. 1) Perfectionism 2) Entitlement and 3) Expectation of others. Could you imagine the day I realized that Arnie wasn't the Prince in shinning armour riding in on a white horse to save me and make me happy….I was the only one that could do that for myself. It released him to go on and run ultra marathons and I took piano lessons. (I love music) How does this relate to Crossfit ? Do the best you can, it doesn't have to be perfect. No one deserves special treatment even if I am Krista's Mom. And don't blame the coaches or anyone else if you are not where you want to be at this time point in your workout. Ask what YOU can do to make it happen. P.S. Great coaching this morning Vic. Thanks for the pointers…

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