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What is the CrossFit Open you ask?

The Open competition is a worldwide CrossFit competition that essentially acts as the first round of qualification to the CrossFit Games – the World Championships. The idea behind the Open is that, like CrossFit, ANYBODY can do it. Last year’s first Open workout, for example, was 7 minutes of burpees. Even your 90-year-old grandma could likely get a legitimate score on this event.

This year’s Open starts March 6th and runs for five weeks (one workout per week), but registration begins THIS WEEK on January 30th.

Read more and watch videos about the Open, Regionals and The CrossFit Games on the GAMES website.

Who should sign up??

We all should sign up! We’ll be doing these workouts each week at CF Bishop anyway, so you might as well sign up and be a part of it. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to compete. You don’t even need to have goals of making it to the Regional competition to be involved. For most people, it’s just a chance to be a part of something and to work harder than they normally would.

So in the spirit of what is to come:




Post some thoughts, statements, or feelings after the first time you did “Fran”.

6 Responses

  1. Masters

    well since i wont be doing this workout tomorrow ill post my experience now. The first time i saw the workout "FRAN" I figured how hard can 21-15-9 of thrusters @95lbs and pull ups be. I started the workout figuring i would just blow through this, boy was i wrong. The first 21 thrusters i struggled, i was thinking to my self i have to do pull ups now and then 15 and 9. I struggled and pushed through the rest of the reps and when i was done, i flopped on the ground gasping for air while i was thowing my legs and arms around like i was dying. i was truly humbled by this workout, my time was like 9:50rx'd or something. The beauty of it though, it pushed me to be physically and mentally prepared for when i came back to the gym. I trained and trained with all of our great coaches and after a few years of crossfit building strength and technique, i was able to come back to this work out, physically and mentally prepared and did it in 2:13 RX'd. With that said! keep training hard and smart, set goals and dont go for anything less. HAVEEEEE FUNNNNN = )

  2. ZzzGlide

    Fran was the last workout we ever did in the old gym and there wasn't much left in there when we started the clock. It hurt, as usual. Back then it seemed like the workouts were more brutal i.e., heavier, more reps, more rounds and always red lining the cardio. Now days it still feels tough but we have smarter programming. I remember many workouts where my biceps were so thrashed I had to walk around like a mummy (Thanks Fran!) but we rarely let things get to that point anymore…which is a smarter way to train I think.
    Anyway, yea, Fran, always a pleasure.

  3. Zappia

    This last November I Rx'd Fran for the first time. While I was preparing to scale the pull-ups with a band, Colin and Masters made me take the band down (in a very matter-of-fact tone), telling me I'm not going to need it. I did not believe them, but I took the band down anyway. They seemed to have a confidence in my ability that I didn't have yet. I'm so thankful they forced me to do it Rx'd because it was one of the most amazing feelings to have finished something I had convinced myself I couldn't do. Since then, I have made some pretty great strides in my training, and I don't know if I could have done it without the amazing, inspiring, motivating people I get to train with.

  4. Meghan

    Fran…..I have done it a few times and have always been nervous knowing how bad I was going to feel however long it took me. The most memorable time for me was during my level 1 cert. early in my crossfit days. I knew that at some point during the weekend we would be doing Fran and I also knew that there was a 10 minute cap. All I really wanted to do was to not get cut off because at that point I had not finished Fran in under 10 minutes. I clearly remember stepping up to the bar with sweaty palms and an insanely serious focus…. 3.2.1.go! The blur of bars and pull ups was all around and the only thought going through my head was: don't get cut off, don't get cut off….I kept moving and it kept hurting and I didn't stop. At one point I was jolted out of my zone when one of the coaches, Miranda, said to me, "C'mon Meghan, go! Go!" I remember thinking, how cool is that? Super bad ass crossfitter knows my name…oh, right, don't get cut off, don't get cut off. More thrusters and more pullups and I finished. People all around were still working. Hey, check it out, I did it. Big smile as I dropped down off the bar and onto my knees while waiting for my breath to come back.

  5. Colin

    I experimented with a few of the benchmarks including "Fran" in a place called Genesee Park at the south side of Lake Washington in Seattle. I remember doing 35# dumbbell thrusters in the wet, muddy grass and pull ups with gloves on due to a soaking wet and freezing cold pull up bar. There were always plenty of walkers and joggers and even the occasional Tai Chi practitioner sharing the park with me and I'm pretty sure they all thought I had a screw loose with the thrashings I would give myself. I had some of the best training sessions of my life out there in the cold rain and mud! Since Molly and I were both in school and barely making our rent up in Seattle I had to do most of my workouts with a set of dumbbells and a box and whatever I could find at parks throughout the city. Of course Fran was one of the more brutal workouts, but I also remember trying to learn double unders with an old piece of climbing rope and trying to learn muscle ups on tiny metal gymnastics rings, and spending a lot of time face down in the mud with workouts like Cindy or Barbara. Occasionally I could talk someone into training with me and sometimes they would even give me a few dollars for the workouts. I am spoiled now with so many wonderful training partners and all the gear I could ever want! I haven't done Fran in quite some time now though? Must be time again soon…

  6. Viceroy

    I honestly do not remember my first Fran. I do know I did it with 65lbs instead of 95…

    The second time I did it was also at 65lbs. In Colin's driveway. Right in the middle of the 15 thrusters, I was THIS close to emptying my entire large intestine right into the gravel. I let the bar crash down, and Colin immediately began yelling, full volume, into my ear "PICK IT UP! GO GO GO! COMEON VIC, PICK IT UP NOW!" I looked at him like, "halp?" then clenched my sphincter with all my might, and finished under control. I promptly bombed his bathroom to smithereens after my 9th pullup.

    The third time I did Fran (also my first time prescribed) was at my Level 1. Holy shit. I had no real warmup, was battling nerve damage from a knee tweak that very morning, was given a fat oversized barbell, and not allowed to grip the pullup bar like I normally do (for safety reasons…as 60 people collapsed into flexion under extreme fatigue over and over and over…hahaha, WTF?) I did all my pullups unbroken, but got completely annihilated under that 95#. I was one of the last men to finish and didn't feel too well fabout much of anything for the rest of the weekend. I have never done Fran again, and you may have a hard time convincing me to, to be honest.

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