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Make up Day!!!  If you missed something this week that you are just dying to try, then by all means come in and get after it!!!  If you were not all that inspired by the weeks events, then by all means come in and we’ll come up with something awesome and beautiful together!!!

Now for two more things!
1.  We added a class back on Thursday evening so that we only have to deal with the awful one evening class just on Tuesday and Friday.   
2.  I thought that Keith Glidewell’s comment was so great the other day that I’m going to re-post it here:

2012 Bishop Crossfit Reflections

-The new gym is super cool and big, but yikes does it fill up fast!
-Weight lifting shoes are the bomb diggidy! 
-Air squats and rowing: rainbows and chocolates. Handstands and pull ups: Not so much
-Power smoothies 20 min before going to Crossfit makes all the difference. 
-Going to workouts hungry means: extra soreness and less muscle gains.
– A strictly strength training program is cool!
-It helps to run at least twice a week in the mountains.
-Eating enough good food is harder than the workouts!
-Stretching for 10 minutes before every workout feels really good and gives you better range of motion and no injuries! 
-Skin the Cats make me want to puke!
-Logging more than 1 hour in the gym on any given work day just isn’t going to happen (extended night owl hours anyone?)
-Its been awhile since I’ve had a flapper! 
-Losing your foot/leg grip at the tippy top of the rope climb is not a very good idea!
-Thank you to Colin and Molly for putting together such a nice gym and keeping it flying! 
-Our coaches are all cool cats.

Any other reflections out there?

Some photos from 2012:

















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