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Work up to a heavy set of 5 of Squat and Bench Press
Finish with Tabata Row and Double Unders 

Well, we’re back…  Long, but very productive weekend for me, Molly, Jordan, Vic, and Nils along with 20 other participants in the seminar.  We started on Friday night with a lecture on “Coaching-Strength-Anatomy and Biomechanics” that went from 5-9:30.  Saturday we spent from 8 am to about 9 pm practicing and coaching the Squat, Deadlift, and Press.  We broke up into groups of 5 and coached one another through warm up sets and then one heavy set of five for each movement.  We all made it back to our respective accomodations by around 11:30 pm.  Sunday morning started at 8:00 am with the Power Clean and Bench Press and then moved on to a lecture on Programming in the afternoon.  We finished up the seminar with a Q+A that lasted until around 9:00 that night!!!  Overall things ran very, very smoothly and we all found ourselves very engaged from start to finish.  The folks involved in the Starting Strength organization proved to be professional, passionate, and full of knowledge, along with a unique ability to teach what they have learned over their years of experience…  

Top left: Learning control of the lumbar musculature
Top right:  Moment arm lecture
Bottom left:  A different kind of pressing technique
Bottom right:  The deadlift

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  1. Colin

    We will find out today if we passed the practical portion. We were tested on our ability to both perform and effectively coach the movements. If we get an email today with seven essay style questions then that means we passed the practical and have ten days to complete the written portion. In general, about half of the attendees pass the practical and then of those folks a little less than half pass the written. Wish us luck…

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