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As a surprise to all the incredible athletes competing in the Open this year we have something special for you. After each week we will be giving away a gift certificate to the top score of the particular division. As well as a special gift certificate to a person we feel went the extra mile. It could be for a PR, greatest effort, biggest heart, and things of that nature. This will be a coaches choice award, so coaches when you judge someone just keep that in the back of your head. So for the first Open week we are presenting a gift certificate to the top score in female RX, and we are presenting the special gift certificate for a PR.

Female RX- Krista Cooper

Special Award- Waylon Cleland

Good job to both of you, and keep up the hard work.



Work on some Pistol progression.



In teams of 2 for time accumulate 150 reps of

“Burpee Ball”


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