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15.3 winners are Trisha O’Neill for scaled women and Arnie Kiddoo for getting his first muscle up. 

Congratulations to both of you. 


The Whole Life Challenge has wrapped up for our third and final trip through it.   Eight weeks have come and gone once again and we have had a mostly positive experience with it and I’m glad that we gave it a fair chance by working through it for a full year.  

However, I’m not convinced that it’s the best way for our community to go about continuing to improve nutritional habits.  I’ll be working on figuring out what our next, and hopefully better, approach will be for the next go around over the next few months, so stay tuned!!!  

In the beginning of April we will be re-testing the benchmarks that we performed at the beginnning of the challenge.  Med-ball run, max push-ups, max pull-ups, max sit-ups in 60 seconds, 1 RM deadlift, 1 RM push press, and the one-mile run will be what we will be re-visiting.  So you still have a couple of weeks to train.  Obviously, it would be very hard to improve on everything, unless you are brand spanking new to the gym, so stick to one or two things and work on them with some focus and be ready next month…


For max calories 

10 min time cap

50 KB swings 35#/53#

40 double KB thrusters 2×26#/2×35#

15x/side KB snatch 26#/35#

Max cal. row

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