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So there has been some discussion in the 5:45 class as to what may be in store for us on Friday. I’m thinking a possible chipper involving Rowing for calories, burpee box jumps, thrusters, rope climbs, and pistols. What are your thoughts? Post to the comment section. 

Winners for 15.4 are, 

Kurt Wedberg

Tim Pejsa

Good job to both of you guys. 

So let’s spend some time working on some skills that could be included on Friday. 


Pistols and Rope Climbs



Partner AMRAP in 12 min.

5 Tire Flips

10 Heavy underhand wall balls tosses. 10′ between partners

20 pushups

30 Tire box jumps


One person works at a time. Work on the reps as a team.

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