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Handstand Smashing!!!

In a few of the classes on Monday we spent a fair amount of time working the “Handstand Tuck to Alignment” drill.  Now that you’ve had a chance to feel the positions and movement, let’s integrate that drill into the rest of the workout.  Also, we all should have had a chance to work the Jefferson curl pretty regularly by now, so the weight should be progressing slowly upward as your range of motion improves.  Don’t discount the benefit of this exercise just because it’s “boring.”  Remember that the benefits of consistent, smart, hard work in the gym always pay off.

Congratulate yourselves on small improvements for the remainder of your time spent focusing on handstand.  (It’s really a lifetime process though right!)  The small refinements necessary to go from “close to a freestanding position” to actually holding one for upwards of a minute can come painfully slowly.  Enjoy the process, rather than beating yourself for not “getting there fast enough…”


5 Rounds of:
20 Kettlebell swings
1:30 Row “sprint” 
Work in teams of 3.  Rest while your partners work… 

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