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Jami’s badass classes will be at 8:15 and 12:15.  8:15 is a “combo” class and 12:15 is Tabata!
1 Minute hollow rock – Table rock, 10 reps 
10-15 scap shrugs – Swivel hips, 5 reps/side
45 seconds push ups – German arm swings 10 reps/side
45 seconds hinge row – Lat stretch 30 seconds/arm
4 Rounds each couplet 


Three rounds of:
5 Deadlifts
5 Box jumps
Sprint length of driveway and back.

Coaches, please include deadlifts, step-ups, calf raises and a light shuttle run in your warm up to prepare for the days conditioning.  We are expecting a lot from out achilles tendon here, so stay aware!!!  

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