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Rowbata @ 8:15 with Jami!
We’ve built up to some pretty significant volume and intenstiy over the last few weeks, so now we will back off just a bit.  We’ll take some time to “play around” with some bodyweight strength combined with plenty of mobility at the beginning and end of class.  Remember that attention to detail is the way.  Eat well, sleep well, train well. Enjoy the week and be ready to come back at full speed next week.

“Your full potential is in the unlimited capacity of body, mind, heart, and soul that can only be found deep within where your true strength rises.  Most people never know the depth of their potential because they’ve never been tested or pushed to find out what they’re made of – spiritually, physically, mentally.”
Shawn Phillips
30 s hollow rock – 30 seconds shoulder bridge
30 s Single arm plank – Prone half straddle single leg extension – 5 reps per side
Bench dips – Double arm circle backward
Bulgarian rows – Washrag stretch 30 s each arm

Three rounds


Three rounds of
10 Clean and jerk, light weight
200 meter run 

Finish with a favorite thoracic extension drill.

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