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Quick update!  

I’ve had a couple of questions regarding our classes lately.  Several folks have inquired about our Kids program in the last few weeks.  We have never ran a Kids class during the summer, as Meghan our only certified coach is away so often during our warmer months.  I am currently working on a long term solution to better serve the kids and teens of Bishop.  No official plans yet, but stay tuned for more information.  Also, in regards to the classes that Jami has been running at the 8:00 and 12:00 hour.  Peeps, including myself, have really been enjoying these sweat fests and we will be solidifying a schedule for those classes as September gets closer.  For now, enjoy these additional classes for free and invite your close friends to come try as well.  We need as much feedback and practice with this new style of class as we can get!  Thanks for your patience and see you in the gym!!!


Deadlift 3-3-3


Four rounds of:
Wall balls 30 seconds
Box jumps 30 seconds
Sumo deadlift high pull 30 seconds
Push press 30 seconds 
Row 30 seconds 
Rest two minutes 

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