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Potluck this Friday night at the gym!!!  Bring food and drink along with a good attitude and we are all gonna have a good ole’ time.  We will spend some time going over the rules and guidelines for the Whole Life Challenge, but this is more of an opportunity for EVERYONE from the gym, as well as their close friends and family, to come and eat some good food and hang out with some of the fittest, happiest, healthiest, most righteous folks on the planet.  We started a sign up list last week and I’ll transfer it to the white board at the front of the gym.  Please add your name and what food/drinks you will be contributing…


5 “or more” rep max back squat

This is an opportunity to estimate your 1 rep max
The equation for estimation is Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight 
If you like knowing exact percentages to work at during a basic barbell strength cycle, then do the math.  If not, that’s totally fine as you can still get pretty good results from an educated guess and gauging how you feel each day… 


Easy 1,000 meter row or 800 meter jog


75 Wall balls for time

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