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Potluck Friday night!!!  We are gonna be mixing up some fresh salsa and guacomole while we get some meats on the grill!!!  Glide is planning on bringing in some freshly raised chickens and we’ll finish off with some sweet treats.  Feel free to bring an alcoholic beverage or two along with your dish and be prepared to learn a thing or two about fat loss…  We’ve got a little over 20 peeps signed up on the board and I know that there will be more of us than that.  Please get yourself signed up so we can estimate numbers and know who is bringing what delicious foods…

Kettlebell or dumbbell bench press
Kettlebell snatch

Each arm on the KB snatch please


Double Tabata
Push press

Stay light on the push press to elicit a strong cardio response before the shoulders get too fatigued…

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