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Halloweengoingawaybirthday party this Saturday evening at my (Colin’s) house this Saturday night!!!  Costumes encouraged!!!  We’ll provide some beer and other beverages along with some amazing people to hang out with!  Please bring a small dish to help keep the hunger demons at bay, so that you won’t have to rush home too early!!! Bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates anyone??? 
You may or may not be aware that Keith and Tammy are relocating their bad selves up to Reno and my heart breaks into little pieces every time I even think about this…  Please take this opportunity to celebrate the time and awesome memories that we have had with these two.  We also have several birthdays to celebrate this fall season, so get your arses on out for a roaring good time!!!  Address is on the whiteboard at the gym.

Two quick rounds to warm up
10 Pass thru’s
30 Seconds passive hang
20x Scap pull-ups at a tempo of 2011 
Full cycle of Wrist prep


2 Rounds at a leisurely pace
10x Face Down Weighted Pass Through with 1 – 2.5kg
20-30 Seconds Loaded Shoulder Opener


2-3 rounds with enough rest to recover between movements

10-15 Tuck-ups – Spot one another and try to find balance in the tucked position if possible

Active rest for 2-3 Minutes 

3 times with enough rest to recover between sets

 3-4x Handstand Scissor Balance 


Deadlift 3-3-3 @ 70-80-90%


3 rounds of:
Split squats, 5 per leg
Hold a dumbbell in each hand to increase intensity

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