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People People!!!

Changes are afoot!!!

Prepare yourselves!!!

You may want to sit down for this…

Your daily workouts will no longer be available for viewing on this website!!!  If you want to know what your workouts are ahead of time you will have to ask me or one of our awesome coaches for access to our member website if you don’t already have that.  

Why, why why!!??  I know that change can be a bitch, but hey, that’s life eh?  And this is ultimately for the better!  We’re really getting on the ball with tracking your fitness data these days and this is just another step in that process.  Writing the workouts on the Zen Planner website will allow us to quickly and easily track your progress so that we, the coaches, and you the ahtletes, can have a clear vision of where you are improving and where you might need to focus a little bit of extra energy…  Also, we will be following the programming genius of the folks at CrossFit Seattle/, where I will soon be part of the team, and it is not available to the general public for free.

We will still be using this site for general information regarding the daily/weekly workouts.  That is we will post articles, videos, and general information that you can use to prepare for what may lie ahead for the day or week…  For instance, you will need to start becoming familiiar with the tempo training style.  We have played around with this a bit in the past, but never really stuck with it for our general programming.  You will see things like this:

5 sets of bench press for 5 reps @ 3010
That 3010 means that you will lower the bar down to a 3 second count, spend 0 seconds in the bottom position, 1 second driving back up, and 0 seconds at the top.
The first number is always the lowering phase, the second is always the bottom position, third is the drive up, and fourth is the top position.  This does mean that there is NO rest in the top or bottom position.  Stopping and resting/re-setting is not allowed at this tempo. 

This can be a little confusing for a movement like the pull up where you are starting at the bottom of the movement.  Just remember that the first number is always the lowering phase…

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