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“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 
Marilyn Monroe

Just a little over 100 hours until I’m driving over 900 miles north to Seattle…  The last six years have passed too quickly.  Looking back I feel that I haven’t slowed down and enjoyed my time often enough.  It’s impossible to predict when and how things are going to take radical shifts, but when they do it seems to happen all at once.  There is much that I am going to miss in all of your lives and for that I am deeply saddened.  I am struggling for the right words to type, so I will start witha flashback from this very website that I wrote in 2012 along with some photos that were captured along the way.  

The humble beginnings of CrossFit Bishop occured in August of 2009 in the 400 square foot garage at our home at 175 Clarke Street.  By January 2010 we had a small, dedicated group of athletes and had formed a registered CrossFit affiliate.  The path was slowly becoming clear to building a stronger, fitter, healthier community here in the high desert of California.  

It wasn’t long before we had a large enough crew to be shaking the neighbors awake by dropping heavy deadlifts, swearing out loud, and slamming feet on jump boxes.  It was often way too cold or way too hot for any reasonable person to want to perform serious physical exertion with no real shelter from the elements.  It was rapidly becoming clear that we would need a dedicated facility to be able to continue our training.  The first months rent was raised by an awful fundraising plan that included me performing 500 pull ups, 1,000 push ups, and 1,500 squats in one day and we suddenly had an insulated building with climate control to train in.


Now, here we are almost exactly two years after that fundraiser and we look to move our location once again.  Looking back, what strikes me the most about the last two years is how much “life” has occured between then and now.  We’ve seen babies conceived and born alongside painful passings of life.  We’ve seen friendships and romances blossom and we’ve seen them end.  We’ve seen people work themselves out of pain and sickness, and we’ve seen catastrophic and even near death injuries for others.  What stands out the most for me, though, are the physical accomplishments attained that previously seemed unthinkable for many of us.  There’s nothing quite like that moment when one of us achieves a feat that we never even dreamed of attempting.

After spending a couple days reflecting on all that has occurred over the last 2 or 3 years I first feel incredible gratitude for being so fortunate to be a part of such a rich community of human beings.  Then comes a question…  What’s next?  We’ve reached a place where we we’ve created a living, breathing, forward moving community that mixes improving athletic performance, with greater health and well being, and just plain having fun working hard!!!  It’s so freaking cool that I can hardly stand it!!!  I could never have predicted that we would be where we are now, so it is so incredibly interesting to think about where we will be in another two to five years…  

Looking back through life, it’s often hard to imagine how we’ve ended up in our current situation.  I mean, shit, it wasn’t long ago that I was grinning my evil grin while Pablo ground his way through his first “Helen” and now we together coach over 100 athletes through this crazy program.  And now we have all our other coaches adding to the mix, Molly bringing her skills, a budding gym up in Mammoth, an Olympic Lifting Club starting, and this and that and the other thing!!!  So what the hell is going to happen next?!?!  The answer is clear of course.  There will be more fun and more hard work, more success and more sadness, more fitness and more sickness.  Life will continue and we will continue to adapt to what the world offers up to us.  It’s a grand story that we get to create for oursleves and I appreciate the opportunity to share in it with all of you!!! 

So, here we are over three years from the date that this was written and again I am struck with how much has happened in such a seemingly short period of time.  I have a four year old son, a six year old daughter, a beautiful wife who is turning 40 with me tomorrow, and I’ve made a whole bunch of really, really great friends.    

I’ve learned a lot over the last six years training and coaching with all of you.  I owe you so much for that, so thank you.  Our time is, without question, our most valuable resource and the fact that you have decided to spend your time in a place that I helped to create is someting that I will always be proud of.  Again, thank you…

I’ll make at least one more post between now and Sunday about what our hopes are for the future of the gym.  Stay tuned and please offer a comment about how your life has evolved over the last several years.  These are amzing times that we are living in!!! 


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  1. Marie boyd

    The first day in the garage was about 16 degrees. Colin showed the basic moves, lifts, and explained how I would benefit from doing this crazy program. Wall balls killed me, I couldn't do a handstand, squats were abysmal, push-ups and pull-ups didn't even rate a mention.

    Fast forward several years and two gyms later – have mastered some of the basic moves and lifts, still cannot do a pull-up or push-up to save my life, but it's been so much fun anyway!

    My fitness level, strength and endurance have improved tremendously, as my running speed gradually declines. Age will not stop me – damn it!

    Colin – thank you so much form everything, I shall miss you terribly.

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