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Muscle up & Front lever

Coaches feel free to spend up to 30 minutes on these progressions. Go over false grip and muscle groups used.

Just a heads up! this next video has explicit language in the background



2 minute wall squat hold
25 Hannibal squats (knees and feet together)
20 weighted cossack squats (the weight acts as a counter balance and allows you to squat lower, just stay upright)
30 upright lunges (15 per side and complete one side before moving onto other)

3 rounds
25 meter shuttle sprints

and… As Jake Rasmusen would say ABSTRAVAGANZA!

25 reverse leg raises/crunches
50 side oblique crunches (25 per side) laying on side (complete 25 on one side then other)
100 bicycle kicks
50 Russian twists
25 hollow rocks

3 minute plank

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