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Hi guys, Kelsea Here.

I have a few Great Announcements!!

We started a new Instagram Account under (EasternSierraAthletics) add us!!!  Weekly Coaches will be posting great photos and videos. 

For all of you that follow me on my own personal Facebook and Instagram account, its clear I love to cook healthy, quick, whole-food recipes. Even Dessert!! SAY WHAT!! 

With that being said, a ton of questions, personal messages, texts, and comments have been pouring in regarding my recipes. I have came up with an AWESOME solution. Twice a week I will post a new recipe onEasternSierraAthletics Instagram account, be on the look out!! 


Partner Friday!

10 rounds ( 5 each):

15 Cal Row

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Press


1 Partner Working at a time/ Partner must finish full round. Then switch.

Barbell Complex is unbroken. 5 burpees if broken. 

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