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Good Ol’ Fashioned Strength and Conditioning


Good Ol’ Fashioned Strength and Conditioning

3×3 Front Squats +

8x Split Jumps immediately after each set.

(3min rest intervals)


10x RDL (@135/115)+

10x GHD Sit Ups

3 rounds for QUALITY!


50-40-30-20-10 Calories on the Rower

(Rest while partner goes.)

Then…Finish with Max Distance in 30 Seconds!


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  1. Vicles


    Split jumps: Should be performed in an attempt to gain maximum explosive effect…in other words, calm down, hit a good lunge, and then EXPLODE as HIGH as you can…land softly and purposely in a perfect lunge (take all the time you need)…and EXPLODE again. Each split jump should be performed for MAX HEIGHT.

    Front squats: Weight in heels! Elbows UP (and IN!!!) Chest up! Did I mention, "HEELS?" Work up to a HEAVY set of three. You can find that # and then do "sets across" or continue to work up in # until you hit that HARD grinding third rep. Boom. That's your "heavy" triple.

    RDL: Good for the booty. (DO NOT excessively bend your knees! Keep the bar close to your legs (use yer lats!)

    GHD situps…contrary to popular belief…you do not have to touch the ground in between each rep. When your hips align w/ our shoulders, that is plenty of ROM, and is a cue to ascend. Focus on your LEGS. In particular…focus on decending w/ your knees "unlocked" and then, as you ascend, aggressively straightening your knees so that your "Rectus Femoris" feels like it was invited to the party. That big metal plate under the soles of your feet? Yea, that's there to stop…the soles of your feet.

  2. molly

    Alright, with CrossFit Bishop's impending move into a 3000 square foot building, Colin and I are looking to simplify our life significantly… we are moving right next door to the new gym! A couple things we are looking for in our new barebones (this is not an exaggeration) studio is a KITCHEN SINK (preferably double), SMALL ELECTRIC COOKTOP and a donated COUCH for the new gym (something not too old or nasty… gotta wanna sit on it).

  3. ZzzGlide

    I"m fresh out of sinks, stoves and couches but I"ll prowl the hood this weekend and see what 's up! You should check with Ray and Leslie, they might have some of it.

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