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How To Join

Step 1 :
Sign up for 1-on-1 CrossFit training sessions

We require a minium of 6 sessions prior to joining the group CrossFit classes, these can be done whatever times/days work for you and your coach.

Step 2 :
Sign up for our Foundations CrossFit Course

Also known as an "on-ramp", we typically schedule these every 2-3 months. You will meet as a small group for 12 classes. Once completed, you are free to join our group CrossFit classes.

Step 3 :
Try out one of our Speciality Classes (for free!)

Not sure if Crossfit is for you? Try one of our other training modalties we offer. These classes range from TRX to Tabata, Bootcamp to Mobility. These are open to the public and everything you need to know is taught in class. See Program descriptions under the Program tab, to see which might be a fit for you!

Visiting Us From Out Of Town?

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