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KB complex


KB complex

Coach Pablo here. This is who I have signed up for the Nutritional Challenge (this means you have paid and have done your benchmark WOD. I do still need pictures from some of you and I need your weekly total to be submitted on every Friday. Also, make sure you log your journals accurately, I will be asking for them at least 3-5 times during the challenge to review them.): Sue, Laurie, Jen N., Dan, Tracy, Laura, Amy, Monica, Jeff, Michelle, Julie, and Jami. Contact me (phone, email, at the gym) with questions and get me your points for the week. 

First, for Quality:

20xTGU @ Lightweight


3 Rounds:

8x Snatch Grip DL (100%-115% Bodyweight)

8x Dips

20x KB Around the Waist 

20x KB Figure 8 (Strict! Keep your spine neutral and maintain a 1/2 depth squat!!!!)

20x KB Clean and Push Press 

20x KB One Arm Swing 

20x KB Snatch (or Goblet Thruster)

1min rest

KB weight should go up each round. Start light, Finish heavy. 

Snatch Grip DL weight remains constant.


For Recovery: Keep the KB weight constant throughout and light.

For rotational movements: do 10 one way, then 10 the other way.

For cleans, swings, snatches: alternate arms every rep.  And keep KB off ground, unless resting!


Olympic Lifting Clinic:

Tonight w/ Philip right after the 5pm class!  Stick around…you might learn somethin!


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