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Well…Easter happened…and only ONE person showed up on Sunday. We changed the WOD up to suit her and she PR’d TWICE, thank you very much.  So this is a REDO…sorta…


2x Cleans at >70% + 1x Clean high pull

Every 30sec for 5min


8x :15/:15 Push Press (65#/45# barbell or 2×30#/2×20# dumbells) 

4x :30/:30 KB Swings (53#/35#) 


1-10 Partner Weighted Step Up Ladder.  Alternate “rungs” (I do 1, you do 1, I do 2, you do 2, etc.) “Rest” while partner goes. Load may not dip below your waist during your “rest.” If it does, you and your partner incur 10x Burpie Penalty.

 Extra Credit: 

100m Sprint (the full length of alley, street to street)

100m Walk Back

4 rounds.


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  1. Editor

    This is the beginning of an interesting week…This workout's Oly complex, and intervals w/ built-in rests make it a nice one to start with as it will be easy to recover from. The mountains will be calling soon, so perhaps we will be increasing our general work capacity this entire spring in preparation for long summer days on the trail? Perhaps there will isometric beatdowns and bodyweight strength work to get you honed, light, lean and stable for your bike, horse, longboard or summer beach party?

    Hmmmm…only time (and hard work + recovery) will tell!

    To make today's intervals more difficult, "rest" in the rack, or overhead lockout. To scale them down, choose a lighter weight. Shoot for 10 reps per each :15 work period on the Push Press and about 15 Swings per :30.

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