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Hey Everyone, Kelsea here. Just a quick reminder.
As coaches, we strive in your safety and experience with us so it is imperative that you show up to class at least 5 minutes early or on time. We must have you properly warmed up, stretched, completed mobility work, and then have no distractions when we teach movements and skills for the daily strength, skill or WOD. We know emergencies happen and therefore we get it from time to time.  Remember CrossFit can be an intense training experience so Warm Up and explanation of daily WOD is important to do and hear.
Thanks Crossift Family.

30 Min Time Cap:
Buy In: 400 Meter Med Ball Run Together
60 Deadlifts  (135 / 95lb)
30 Burpees
60 Front Squats (135/ 95lb)
30 Burpees
60 Push Jerk ( 135 / 95lb)
30 Burpees
Buy Out: 400 Meter Med Ball Run Together.
If you have remaining time left over
Max Reps of Power Clean and Jerk

*Split Reps Up Evenly
* Med ball run switch every 100 Meters or 200 Meters

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