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Here is the full week. Workouts included.

5/3/1 Week of 1/28/18
-New six week cycle don’t forget to add 5lbs to bench and press training maxes and 10lbs to deadlift and squat training maxes; also again on week 4.
-Week 7 will be another de-load
-Week 8 will be re-test to try for a new 1rm of the Press,Bench, Squat and Deadlift.
*Training tip on Week 3 and 6 when we hit 95% of our Training max don’t go for more then 1 rep. Then add weight for another set of one then possible another set close or at your Training max. This will help gauge how you feel near your true 1rm for Week 8. If this is difficult make sure your de-load week provides adequate rest.

5@65%, 5@75%, max reps @ 85%
Then 20@55%
-Barbell front rack walking lunge
3-5 sets @20 reps 75-135lbs
-GHD sit ups
3-5 sets @ 10-15reps
4 Rounds

100 feet Sled push moderate weight.

200 Meter Farmer Carry

25 Wall Balls

250 Meter Row

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