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Wendler Week 1


Wendler Week 1

Hey everyone Adam here. So Colin and I have decided to program together for the next Basic Barbell Strength cylce. We are going to change it up a little bit this time though. We are going to stick to a 5-3-1 style, but you’re going to see it programmed a little differently. The basic layout is as follows.

The first 4 weeks will be 3 sets of 5 with the last set being 5+. So play it smart and maybe choose to do 7. The next time you do that movement in the first month increase that last set to 9 and so on and so on. The percentages will stay the same, so that is why we are increasing the last set of 5. We will also be having an extended warm-up and finish so make sure we are getting everything out of this that we can. The conditioning workouts will be paired to each lift that we do. So every time you deadlift you will be doing a very similar workout that you did last time you deadlifted. The only difference is that the reps will be going down. The rep scheme of the conditioning will look something like what is listed below.

Week 1: 20-25 reps

Week 2: 15-20 reps

Week 3: 10-15 reps

Week 4: 5-10 reps 

Week 5 will start with 3 sets of 3 with the last set being 3+. The percentages will be going up and the conditioning will start over at 20-25 reps. The workouts are going to be the same as well. The sets of 3 will go from week 5 to week 8.

Week 9 will be the time we retest our 1RM.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and some of it might not make sense. Hopefully reading it in the programming will help. If it doesnt please feel free to talk to Colin or myself. Coaches this means you as well. This is something new that we’re trying out, so as always we appreciate the feedback.

The lifts will be done on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be whatever our creative minds can come up with. They will be “fun” though. Agility stuff, Handstand stuff, obstacles courses, or the good ole’ Crossfit workouts.



2 rounds of
200 m row
10 hip extensions
10 deck squats
10 step ups


2 rounds
30 sec V-up
30 sec table
30 sec straddle up


Squat 5-5-5+


3 rounds of
20 box jumps
20 wall balls
20 cal row
20 ring rows or pull-ups

2 rounds
10 cossack squats
30 sec lat/upper back mobility.

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